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This game is not an official demo, but only the first chapter of the game.

The official demo would be much longer, and it would have original OST and original background.

The "demo" and the page would be updated as I'll continue to develop the game until I would reach the desired demo that would show the full potential of the game.



Wendy is a shy and soft-spoken girl in the last year of high school, her only friends are Sophie from the same class and Katy, an underclassman.
One night, her friends forced Wendy to come to a party the most popular girl in high school hosted, Wendy was somehow invited to it.

Everything went well until her friends abandoned her for their other friends and Wendy left alone to wonder aimlessly at the party.
With nothing to do, Wendy went to the buffet to get a drink where accidentally spilled her drink at the host of the party.

Wendy was terrified and she didn't know how to handle this situation correctly, luckily a beautiful stranger who seem to be at her same age, saved her from the scandal.
That girl is Claudia, which is a girl everyone is terrified off because she does whatever she pleases to do without giving a f*ck.

Of course, Claudia's help isn't for free, and Wendy is forced to form a vow with her, how would their relationship be? You'll decide on your own!


The first chapter features:

  • 1 choice that defines Wendy's relationship with Claudia
  • 3 busts with multiple expressions
  • 4 backgrounds (for now from online I'm sorry)
  • 7 OST pieces (for now from online, I'm sorry)


What I plan for the game?

  • 3 endings based on how Wendy's connected to Claudia
  • Full freedom to decide how your relationship with everyone on the game would be (for good and for the bad)
  • A potential for romantic relationship between Wendy and Claudia, Sophia and Abigail (Character that wasn't introduced to the game yet)
















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